Saba – “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop” (download)

Saba Drops - “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop” (download)

Saba Drops - “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop” (download)

Here is Saba – “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop” (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the Chicago rapper.

The 26-year-old MC has been busily writing guest verses and working with his Pivot Gang on releases like their 2019 album You Can’t Sit With Us, and so it’s hard to believe it’s already been three years since his last solo full-length Care for Me. But as the latest tracks demonstrate, his presence is as charming — and his flows as challenging — as ever.

“Ziplock” comes with a beat by D.Phelps and Coop The Truth with Karim Hutton on bass and Justin Zim handling guitar. Saba layers his internal lines like a master chef layering lasagna. When he spits, “I come from the part of town I talk about, where chalk get outlined if you blink,” the vowels on “part,” and “town,” “talk,” and “chalk,” create miniature echoes that put some extra pop in the flow.

I was in West Oakland California when I found out about a piece of me
All this solitude around I’m starting to see when I’m alone the shit I think
I come from the part of town not talked about but chalk ya outline if you blink
I can’t go outside today that shine’ll fade and that go along with my piece
All these energies and entities and people that just want shit from me
I can’t make this up the luxuries of being broke as fuck been escaping
Not to sound ungrateful bout the blessings but my best days are all in my past
I been working like a slave I’m proud to say now lil bitch I’m in my bag
And it ain’t a ziplock
Went and got a wristwatch
Cop’ll never respond

The second single, “Rich Don’t Stop”, was produced by frequent collaborators daedaePIVOT and Daoud. From an MC like Drake, “Rich Don’t Stop” would be a celebration of accumulation, but Saba’s purpose is darker. He talks about the “grind don’t stop,” as well as the tears, the fear, the shit, and so many of the bad things in life. This is a frank appraisal of a hustling lifestyle that chews people up and spits them out. He raps, “Have to get rich with thе pass and assist/ Or grappin’ a sack and a stick to attack where you live.”

Don’t stop
She say the shit don’t stop
Tears don’t stop
At home scared so the fear don’t stop
Speaking of the crib
Nigga rent don’t stop
Don’t stop
And the fear don’t stop
The kids don’t stop
That’s why she overdrive swear sis don’t stop
Cause the rich don’t stop
Yeah don’t stop
Text don’t call
Fail don’t fall
Yeah the grind one of a kind like a damn snowball
I put gang in my name like I am Mozart
And if they saying you a stain no they ain’t gone wash
Wash my soul
Watch my bro
We were both struggling
How he cope
He need dope
Give me no substances

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