Billie Eilish Releases New Trailer For Behind-The-Scenes Documentary

Billie Eilish Releases New Trailer For Behind-The-Scenes Documentary

Billie Eilish Releases New Trailer For Behind-The-Scenes Documentary

Billie Eilish has released a new trailer for her behind-the-scenes documentary.

Billie Eilish has teased fans with a trailer for her upcoming documentary, The World’s A Little Blurry. It will be released to Apple TV+ and in cinemas, on 26th February 2021. Documenting her journey into the music world so far, it is highly anticipated. R.J. Cutler produced the film in collaboration with Billie’s label, Interscope Records.

With the singer-songwriter being one of the biggest stars right now, this documentary will offer insight into her unique life. The documentary trailer includes jaw-dropping facts such as ’55 billion streams’, ‘141 nominations’ and ‘5 grammy awards’, that highlight her astonishing achievements. They show just how phenomenal the 19-year-old’s achievements have been in her career so far.

The facts are dispersed in-between intimate home footage of the star learning to drive, sleeping in her parent’s bed due to her fear of monsters and on journeys to her tours. This offers an intimate insight into life as a young female celebrity. The documentary is highly anticipated and will surely be a huge success.

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Watch the trailer for Billie Eilish’s new documentary film The World’s A Little Blurry below:

This is the second documentary to be released by the ‘Bad Guy’ singer, following her short film Not My Responsibility that premiered at her ‘When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go’ tour, showing her journey with body positivity.

The iconic Billie Eilish herself took to Instagram to announce the trailer, along with a caption expressing her excitement. She said, ‘coming out so soon. I can’t wait for you to see this film 2/26 on apple tv+’. (sic)

Speaking to Vanity Fair about the documentary, the ‘my future’ singer said, “It’s really about my life, me, in such a way that I was not expecting, and was pretty brutal to relive.”

Fans have taken to social media to show their anticipation for The World’s A Little Blurry release, with one fan saying, ‘@billieeilish I can’t wait to watch the worlds a little blurry’. (sic)

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Another fan expressed how the trailer inspired him, he said, ‘Just saw a trailer for Billie Eilish’s movie “the worlds a little blurry” and it gave me lyric inspiration. You never know when the well of lyrics will toss an idea your way. Never let them go to waist. Even if it’s a single line write it down. Eventually you will use it.’ (sic)

Inspiring fans as ever, the ‘Therefore I Am’ singer has tapped into something great by exposing her insecurities in her song lyrics and by being transparent and honest. This has struck a chord with fans and will surely make the documentary super popular.

The heart-warming trailer shows a side less documented in the lives of celebrities, showing Billie’s ‘normal life’ in intimate footage of the singer making and producing music with her brother Finneas Baird O’Connell in their childhood home.

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