dvsn – Blessings (download)

dvsn – Blessings (download)

dvsn – Blessings (download)

Here is dvsn – Blessings (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music duo.

To show appreciation for their fans, Dvsn recently kicked off “5 Days of Blessings”—an online event in which the duo has gifted fans with vinyl giveaways, autographed merch, and a special broadcast of Night Shift.

The duo told fans “Blessings” will appear on their forthcoming project, Amusing Her Feelings, the follow-up to A Muse in Her Feelings, which arrived earlier this year. Dvsn spoke about their latest album in an April interview with Complex, explaining they wanted to take listeners on a “roller coaster.”

“The story that we’re playing throughout this is finding different ways through the music. And through the actual moving the music and the things with the lyrics, the stories are kind of interpreting what you’ve been feeling,” Nineteen85 said. “You, as the muse, and the different ways that you will relate to things. We do kind of take you on a roller coaster—it goes up and down a few times, it starts off pretty sad and then it gets happier, and then you get started again. But then it feels like, you know, even by the end, it might b

Dvsn revealed in a tweet the various meanings the title could be interpreted. “A Muse In Her Feelings,” was the first title used, and now as the deluxe arrives claiming the “Amusing Her Feelings” title, perhaps this signals a third variation using “I’m Using Her Feelings” may see the light of day in the future.

dvsn – Blessings lyrics ⬇️
The righteous name of
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
All-knowing name
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Say the name of
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Deliverance in the name of
Jesus, Jesus
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh
Ooh-woah, ooh-woah, oh, oh-oh, ooh-ooh
Yeah, ayy, yeah-yeah, ayy

[Verse 1: Daniel Daley]
Hands up
Hell-bent love, I prayed that all the love at last
I finally found the right words
You lifted up my burden with that ass

[Pre-Chorus: Daniel Daley]
No weapon formed against our love can win
Again, babe, we’re sinnin’, babe
Again and again

[Chorus: Daniel Daley]
When we get married
You won’t have to feel no shame (Feel no shame)
I wouldn’t be trippin’ but we callin’ His name

[Post-Chorus: Daniel Daley]
And she’ll keep sayin’, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”
Then I be sayin, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”
Neighbors hear you screamin’, screamin’, screamin’
They gon’ be believers, ‘lievers, ‘lievers
Hear you sayin’, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”
Then I be sayin, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”
Hear the way you screamin’, screamin’, screamin’
They gon’ be believers, they gon’ be believers

[Verse 2: Daniel Daley]
I believe (Yeah)
In love at last
(Tell me you believe it, baby)
You know I got your back
Still got no problem with that, with all that ass

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