DaBaby Sued By Hotel Employee in Beverly Hills Hotel altercation

DaBaby Sued By Hotel Employee

DaBaby Sued By Hotel Employee

DaBaby is being sued by a hotel employee in Beverly Hills Hotel altercation. Cristofher Pocasangre sued the rapper for assault at a Marriott hotel in December 2019.

Surveillance footage of the incident surfaced in January. In the video, DaBaby pushes Pocasangre against a wall during a confrontation.

Pocasangre claims he asked DaBaby for a picture, was told no, yet decided to take a selfie anyway. He alleges DaBaby told him to delete the photo, which he insists he did. DaBaby followed him into the hotel where the dispute became physical.

When the surveillance footage surfaced earlier this year, DaBaby detailed his version of what happened in since-deleted Instagram post.

“The hotel worker you see me ‘pushing’ came up to me outside the hotel & asked could he record a video me while I was holding my 2 year old daughter,” he explained. “I calmly and respectfully said no and explained to him that him posting a video of me at the time would compromise the safety of me and my child by letting social media know where we were staying.”

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He continued, “After being told no still being on the clock at work he walked to the other side of the parking lot maybe 50 feet away and zoomed in while recording a video of me and my daughter on Snapchat after I politely asked him not to and gave him an explanation as to why I didn’t want him to.”

DaBaby didn’t deny putting his hands on the hotel employee but argued his actions were justified because he was protecting his daughter.

“I told him to delete the video immediately and take his bitch ass back in the hotel and do his job since he wasn’t capable of being professional enough to abide by company policy while doing his job outside of the hotel,” he recalled.

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He added, “Upon entering the hotel I made him sit down and understand the fact that NO video is worth the safety of my child being compromised. Especially after I politely explained to him the reasoning behind me saying no. Not to mention the fact that he is at work and his job is to valet park cars not record customers and violate their privacy which I’m 100% sure is against employee policy at the hotel.”

Pocasangre is suing for assault, battery, emotional distress and more. An exact figure for the damages hasn’t been reported.

DaBaby previously indicated he would countersue if legal action was taken against him. He also suggested he’d sued the hotel if they didn’t provide him with “the video of their employee violating company policy.”

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