Chris Webby / Jon Connor – Wild in the Streets (download)

Chris Webby tags Jon Connor for this new song, Wild in the Streets

Chris Webby / Jon Connor – Wild in the Streets (mp3 download)
Chris Webby / Jon Connor – Wild in the Streets (download)

Here is Chris Webby / Jon Connor – Wild in the Streets (download). The song has just been released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music acts.

Connor delivers a powerful verse on this record;

Look at the truth from my point of view
And then you decide: who are you inside?
You mean you like seeing humans shootin’ and lootin’ awry for dudes who got brutalized?
We all done caught a bad one
Lookin’ around at all this chaos, Colin Kaepernick
Takin’ that knee don’t seem that bad, huh?
And now there’s screaming in the streets
No, don’t give me no brick to throw ’cause what we out here screaming for is peace
I wasn’t even a teen when I seen what happened to Rodney King
My niece, Navaya, just turned eleven and now she seeing the same thing
We just tryin’ to break the cycle by addressing what we seeing

Chris rounds up the song with an equally arousing verse.

Why call the cops when, this cop, that cop
Out here shootin’ like it’s Call of Duty: Black Ops
Another dead man laying on the blacktop
Rioters sent by the left to stir
This whole pot ’cause the plot’s divide and conquer
The right responds with violence beyond redemption
Tension, no one rights the wrongs
And the end result is the corruption bubbling to the top
Ain’t a cop that can stop the rumbling
Bringing in SWAT won’t stop what’s coming
We’re past discussion, won’t stop for nothing
Unity’s louder than troops and gunpowder
The shroud institution has proved they’re cowards
They losin’ their power, the future is ours

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