Elliot Lee – Pink (Freak) [Download]

Elliot Lee – Pink (Freak) [mp3 Download]

Elliot Lee – Pink (Freak) [MP3 Download]

Elliot Lee shares a new song titled Pink (Freak). Available for download and streaming, Lee releases her latest single as the alternative music singer preps music fans for her new album. The track arrives with it’s official music video as well.

“I’ve tried to be what people think of when they see me | That gave me an ego that wasn’t even mine though”.

“The video has two very different visual portrayals of how I feel, one very dark and hopeless and the other bright and energetic, but these juxtapositions are portrayed as being both part of me simultaneously,” she shares over email. “It’s meant to show that I can be three-dimensional as both a person and an artist, and how you interpret me depends on whether or not you judge how I’m feeling based on how much pink I’m wearing.”

I’ve worn the same t-shirt
I haven’t washed my hair
But all of that’s fine when
I don’t go outside
‘Cause lately
I’m not fond of the light
So I colored in all of the lenses on my glasses And stay in bed because it’s better when
I’m fast asleep
In my dreams, no one believes what they see

Listen to Elliot Lee – Pink (Freak) [Download] below.

Download Elliot Lee – Pink (Freak)

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