Sybyr – Charleyhorse [Album Download]

Sybyr – Charleyhorse [Album Download]

Sybyr – Charleyhorse [Album Download]

Sybyr drops new album, Charleyhorse. Listing 14 songs, the rap music act opens his 2020 music year account. Available for download and streaming on your favourite platform, Sybyr pops up on our radar. Hopefully we get to do an interview.

Being one of the earliest rappers to partake in the trap metal scene, Sybyr combined hip-hop with noisy, industrial production and blown out, distorted vocals.

Despite often yelling, he also possesses a wide vocal range for singing, producing much more depressing and melodic music from time to time. He also can be seen as a troll, as he has released countless songs that are purposely bad, designed to mess with his audience and make fun of different parts of hip-hop culture.

Lyrically, his music deals with mental health issues—most notably the constant struggle he has with being bipolar and schizophrenic— including drugs, masochism, daily struggles, his fan base, and internet culture.

Listen and download below.

Download Sybyr – Charleyhorse

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