Apple iOS 13 Low Data Mode Gives iPhone Users a way To reduce Data Usage

Apple iOS 13 Low Data Mode

Apple iOS 13 Low Data Mode Helps reduce Data Usage

For Iphone users with limited data, Apple has given you a way to reduce your data usage and manage battery life in the process. The feature is called Low Data Mode, and similar to how Low Power Mode works for the battery, this is a tweak to get you out of a jam, as opposed to something you use all the time.

When this iOS 13 Low Data Mode setting is switched on, iOS will turn off Background App Refresh for apps (similar to Low Power Mode) and will no longer download apps and music in the background, FaceTime will lower the audio and video quality, and any media streamed using Apple apps will be degraded.

Third-party apps will be unaffected, except for Background App Refresh being disabled.

First, here’s where it is. For cellular data go to:

  • Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and activate Low Data Mode

Wi-Fi connections, this is a per-connection setting, and to activate this feature go to:

  • Settings > Wi-Fi > click on the “I” next to the connection you want to limit and flip the toggle on Low Data Mode

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