Download Album: The Devil Wears Prada – The Act

The Devil Wears Prada share a new album titled “The Act.” Listing 12 tracks, the new music project is their first new album in three years.

“The Act is our seventh full-length and the most detailed effort of our career,” he continued, shifting focus from the song to the album. “The process was scrupulous in every facet. Jon, who’s played keyboard with the band for the last seven or eight years, produced the album; which is a decision that’s insurmountably snowballed over the past few releases. There is no common theme surrounding every song on the record, although there are notions that inhale and exhale through the LP’s timeline.”

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This just feels very make it, or break it for us,” Hranica went on. “All bets are in on The Act. We tried to make something outside of the norm for rock, metalcore, or heavy music. We often hear commentary that ‘rock is dead’ now; I don’t think it has to be that way though. Look at the corners pop and hip-hop turn. Artists just need to reinvent themselves and make something creative and inventive again. Reinvention is what we’re driving towards.

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01. Switchblade (2:53)
02. Lines of Your Hands (4:10)
03. Chemical (3:50)
04. Wave of Youth (3:51)
05. Please Say No (3:19)
06. The Thread (4:48)
07. Numb (4:21)
08. Isn’t It Strange? (2:55)
09. Diamond Lost (3:32)
10. As Kids (3:41)
11. Even Though (4:05)
12. Spiderhead (3:30)

Listen and download below.

Download The Devil Wears Prada – The Act

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