Woman, 23, sold her virginity for £1.3MILLION

Woman, 23, sold her virginity for £1.3MILLION

A young woman has reportedly made £1.3million by auctioning off her virginity. she intends to use the money to start up her own property portfolio.

Lia, 24, from the UK, used the service provided by Cinderella Escorts and said she believes being able to sell her first sexual encounter is ‘an important step towards emancipation’.

The winning bidder, who allegedly won with his offer of £1.3m, had reportedly dated Lia as a ‘sugar daddy’ for two months beforehand, spoiling her with a monthly budget of £17,700.
After getting to know each other the politician, whom the company is unwilling to name due to its confidentiality agreement, ‘decided he wanted to have sex with Lia’.

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Earlier this year, Cinderella Escorts made another unverified claim that it had secured the sale of Mahbuba Mammadzada’s virginity, one of Azerbaijan’s most successful models, to a politician in Tokyo.

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