‘If You Twerk Like This Lady, No Man Will Marry You’ Man Says (Video)

If You Twerk No Man Will Marry You

If You Twerk No Man Will Marry You

A man shared this video of a hot, beautiful, curvy lady twerking and then said ladies that twerk like this on social media won’t get decent men to marry them.

He said:

“Ladies, if you want a man that will love you, respect you & treat you right, you have to set standards for yourself, you have to respect yourself and not come on social media and be shaking your ass like this lady…. When you twerk like this what man would see you as a wife material? What man do you think will take you seriously, what man will want to bring you home to his family? He will only take advantage of you, use you and see you as sex object. Because you first gave him the impression of who you are. So if you wanna attract that right man, you have to respect yourself…. ”

But Nigerian Celebrities are divided in their reactions.

Popular Instagram twerker and celebrity, Janemena, wvo got engaged during valentine period this year despite being a chronic twerker sarcastically replied the video:

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“I don’t know if my wedding should be December 2019 or February 2020…I’m so confused(they both have specific dates I want)”

Actor Jnrpope: “This generation will totally disagree with u”

Curvy actress Moyo, who also likes to twerk with her big backside, reacting to the viral video said:

Uuuum…. (1) it is actually not that deep, its just a body they are shaking …
(2) Girls who are usually overly covered are very promiscuous……. (Let’s not even start to argue that, the proof is everywhere.. Office romances, single mothers, fathers bringing up another mans child etc…. …….. …… (3) Marriage? Stop!! How many people actually married their soul mates? …… ………. ….
(4) Men are marrying so called *Marriage materials * everyday, yet girls and guys with no work, low income are flossing, buying houses everyday …. I would assume that if you marry your *Decent Soulmate* you wont need to hide and cheat …… …. ….. We are know the people bankrolling such lifestyles…..
(5)… I could go on… But •••

Tiny Waist Actress, Princes Shyngle: “Oga shut up your mouth, we enjoy twerking if you don’t like it stay away from our pages”

London based actress, Victoria Inyama, OAP do2dtun, married dancer, Korra Obidi also reacted.


Kunlereal: “Thing is.. as Guys we love the twerks and booty shii on social media..until its Your Girl or Sis.”

_sleeqie_:” The hypocrisy is galling abeg. The men you’re talking about are sending the ladies DMs, getting left on read, dropping thirsty comments, spending their life savings on them, the ladies have the highest followers/even verified accounts, yet the responsible women who’re lowkey, pursuing their education and looking for investors for their businesses are getting ignored. Men are their enablers. These women are living their ‘best lives’ on the attention and money.”

Watch the controversial video and see more reactions

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