Download Album: Chris Rivers – G.I.T.U.

Chris Rivers – G.I.T.U. (Album)

Chris Rivers – G.I.T.U. (Album)

Chris Rivers drops his new album, G.I.T.U. Listing 16 tracks, music fans have been awaiting the release as Rivers gave many a taste of what to expect.

Greatest In The Universe is the full meaning of the album and it means alot to the rapper. Being the son of the legendary Big Pun, it creates a very large shadow to get lost in but that has not stopped the young artist from chasing his dreams. The name of this project was meant to represent his journey and the struggles that came along with it. Everyone’s world is their own, and everyone has their own universe they are in control of, and in mine — I’m undoubtedly the “G.I.T.U”, Chris stated.

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The title encompasses the feeling this body of work for me. It’s my life experiences, my loves and losses, my stories about overcoming obstacles both external and internal, while learning to love myself and becoming the best version of me. Both as a person and as an artist I tried to push my boundaries and expand my limitations. Everyone’s world is their own, everyone has their own universe that they are in control of, this is mine. I’m the G.I.T.U.” – Chris Rivers

[00:32] 01. Mother of God
[03:05] 02. Perfect feat. Oswin Benjamin
[03:43] 03. Trick feat. Anthiny King
[04:09] 04. Damaged Goods
[03:02] 05. Don’t Change feat. Anthiny King
[03:26] 06. Wolf Mode
[04:34] 07. Light feat. Oswin Benjamin & Anthiny King
[00:48] 08. The Super Black Chronicles
[05:02] 09. N.A.S.A. feat. Oswin Benjamin
[00:56] 10. Affirmations Pt. 1
[03:02] 11. In the Morning
[03:59] 12. Shine
[00:25] 13. Affirmations Pt. 2
[04:45] 14. G.O.D. feat. OCD
[03:14] 15. Sincerely Me
[03:58] 16. Birds feat. Avery

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Listen and download below.

DOWNLOAD Chris Rivers – G.I.T.U.

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