Alexis Skyy’s Cucumber Challenge At Pool Party IS NASTY (Graphic Video)

Alexis Skyy's Cucumber Challenge At Pool Party

Alexis Skyy's Cucumber Challenge At Pool Party

Alexis Skyy attended her new boyfriend’s cucumber-themed pool party in Atlanta on Sunday night, and based on the video that rapper Boosie Badazz posted on Instagram from the event, it’s clear the celebration took the theme way too far.

Going all out with the vegetable theme, there were cucumbers everywhere at the party, and as day turned into night, things got rowdy. Boosie, real name Torrence Hatch Jr., was in attendance as the pool party extended into the late hours of the evening, and he decided to post an extreme video on his Instagram page from the Cucumber Challenge event. Before reading further, be aware that the description of the video that was posted is g in nature. However, we will not include a link to the video.

In the viral clip, viewers can see Alexis penetrating a girl at the party with a cucumber, and then thrusting the vegetable into her mouth. There’s no mistaking that it’s Alexis in the video, and the dirt clip sent shockwaves through Twitter. Nothing is left to the imagination. Alexis, who’s still wearing her bathing suit, and the girl in the video are both willing participants in the Cucumber Challenge, are cheered on by the crowd, and then dubbed the night’s competition winners.

The video contains X views, and after Boosie posted the two-part video on Instagram, both clips remained live. Typically, this level of g content is quickly removed from the social media site for violating the site’s policies, rules and regulations. Boosie was not the only person from the party to post this abject video of Alexis. The party scene was captured from every which angle, from numerous fellow party-goers and posted on Instagram. Trouble was actually live-streaming the entire time.

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Taking to Instagram Live, Skyy explained that she is not the woman in the fight video that is circulating around the web. However, she didn’t deny her involvement in the Cucumber Challenge clip. She did explain herself though. “Y’all talking about this goddamn cucumber. This girl was a fucking p star,” says Alexis before claiming that she actually requested the favor. “The girl is a whole p star, she’s the one that told me to put it in there, I was like ‘wow.’ The alcohol was in our systems and we were just having a good time.”

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