Post Malone – Honest (New Song)

Post Malone – Honest

Post Malone – Honest

Post Malone is here with a new song titled Honest. “Honest” is an unreleased throwaway demo by Post Malone, presumably recorded sometime around or after sessions for beerbongs & bentleys. As is typical with many demos, the song features Post mumble as he attempts to lay down a rough idea for the song. It leaked online on July 25, 2019.

Baby, can I be honest?
I just want some money
Don’t you ever lie to me
This a fourty in a foreign, yeah
You don’t never show me off, though
When you always goin’ to the club
You ain’t never met your father, yeah
It’s no wonder [?] wrong with ya
We hit Rodeo, then we mobbin’, yeah
This a fourty in my cuppie, yeah
I pull up in that new Rolls Royce
And I wanna [?] my [?]
Yeah, lil’ mama hotter than Wasabi, ohh
I got a hunnid racks, it’s all for sure
Mama [?] the party, yeah

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[Verse 2]
And I swear I know a place where everybody go
We could all go
I got a place where everybody stay
That we could all go
I got place we could go
Tell me that it’s sorrow
It’s [?] tell me so
And I wanna let the [?] go
And I wanna let the comma go, [?]
[?] fourty and I beat your [?] way
Had some [?] bitch, I surf on a wave
And the bitches wanna fuck, I need to go on a break
Please, let go, yeah
Don’t I know ya?
Lo-love ya, so I know ya

[Verse 3]
Baby, just be honest
Ain’t a fourty in my [?], ayy
I’m so tired of ménages, ayy
Need a bitch that call me “father”, ayy
I know homie hold me down, yeah
I might take you to the water, yeah
It’s a fourty in my [?], yeah
No it’s only in the morning
I swear, baby, you, mhm
I swear, baby, you, mhm
Ayy, baby, I swear to you
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
She said, “I don’t fuck with Fairfax
Can we go down that Rodeo?”
‘Cause I don’t fuck with streetway, yeah
It’s some [?] if I say so
I don’t want it on my Dior, yeah
Took her to a lil’ ronto
Had her wantin’ on a detour, yeah
Then we fly out to Toron-po

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Money, money’s on me and yeah I want it, yeah
My lil’ mama, she say she want it, yeah
Hunnid monies on me, it’s in the ‘Rarri, yeah
I know ya

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