19 yr old rapper Tay-K, Guilty Of Murder: Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison

Tay-K Found Guilty Of Murder, Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison

Tay-K Found Guilty Of Murder, Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison

Tay-K has been Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison after he was found guilty of murder. His trial began this week and it was reported that he was found guilty of robbery. Tay-K, born Taymor McIntyre, is facing a minimum of five years in prison and a maximum of ninety-nine years after being found guilty of murder.

The verdict was decided today during a scheduled court hearing. McIntyre previously pleaded not guilty to capital murder charges, pleading guilty to aggravated robbery on Monday. The jury had reportedly deliberated for four hours before returning with a decision.

19-year-old rapper Tay-K, best known for his infamous song and video “The Race,” is currently on trial for his suspected involvement in a home invasion which led to murder. As Tay-K was a minor at the time of the crime, he’s not eligible for the death penalty.

Zachary Beloate, the man who survived the home invasion but was shot in the process, testified earlier this week during the trial. He added that everyone involved had their faces covered. The five other defendants involved in the case have been found guilty or reached plea deals. Defense attorneys for Tay-K state that the rapper did not carry a weapon or know that an accomplice would shoot Ethan Walker, who was murdered during the home invasion.

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