Download MP3: Skinnyfromthe9 – Bling Blaow Ft. Fetty Wap, Soulja Boy, Phresher, PluHeph

Skinnyfromthe9 – Bling Blaow

Skinnyfromthe9 – Bling Blaow

Skinnyfromthe9 drops new song Bling Blaow featuring Fetty Wap, Soulja Boy, Phresher and PluHeph. Available for download and streaming, Skinnyfromthe9 has been feeding the streets with new music. His latest record is a follow up to Savage which he dropped June 18th.

Earlier this year, the rapper found himself in a bit of trouble after Cardi B’s Fashion Nova collection launch. Apparently, he was briefly arrested before police let him off with a warning after he was spotted in a vehicle that police said had illegal tints and no front license plate.

Check out Bling Blaow below.

[Intro: Skinnyfromthe9 & Soulja Boy]
She wanna fuck with the gang ’cause we on, ayy

[Verse 1: Skinnyfromthe9]
I’m the king in my city, say it loud (Say it loud)
I got diamonds dancing on me, bling blaow (Bling blaow)
If they don’t know my name, bet they know it now (They know it now)
I’m that nigga in my city, say it loud (Hold up)
Bling blaow, diamonds on me, bling blaow (Gang, gang, gang, yeah)
Bling blaow, diamonds on me, sing now (Bling blaow)
Bling blaow, hunnid on a piece, wow! (Bling blaow)
Bling blaow, diamonds on me, sing now (Bling blaow)
I just keep rollin’ in traffic (Yeah)
I used to stay after dinner (Yeah)
I just pulled up in a Bentley (Bands)
I know these niggas ain’t better (Yeah)
Too much drippin’, I be drippin’ when I walk around (Walk around)
I got bitches tryna fuck me, yeah, they want me now (Want me now)
They was laughing at a nigga, I was dead broke
Now I got money, I can take your bitch like, “Let’s go” (Skrrt, skrrt)
I just pulled up to the party, uh
All of these bitches, they want me, yeah
But I do not want ’em, don’t call me, no
But I do not want ’em, don’t call me, no
She wanna fuck in the morning
I got a business to chore at
Rollie on me, bustdown
Diamonds on me, bling blaow (Gang)
40 on me, right now
Shorty on me, right now (Skrrt)
Drippin’ on ’em, don’t drown (Don’t drown)
Drippin’ on ’em, don’t drown

[Verse 2: Fetty Wap]
Ayy, free bound, caught her off the rebound (Off the rebound, yeah)
Ayy, free pounds, nigga, I got the free pounds (Nigga, free pounds)
Ayy, I’m a gang nigga, I go three rounds (I’m a big gang nigga)
Ayy, why you hating, nigga, what your beef ’bout?
Ayy, let ’em hang down to the Trues baby (Trues, baby)
Ayy, I’ma winner, I don’t even lose, baby (I don’t even lose, baby)
Ayy, big bands, pocket full of blues, baby (Full of blues, baby)
Ayy, smokin’ opp pack when I cruise, baby (Ayy, when I cruise, baby)
Ayy, diamonds on me, you can see the jewels, baby (Ayy, you can see the jewels baby, blaow)
Ayy, run up on me, he gon’ make the news, baby (He gon’ make the news, baby)
Ayy, uh, 40 on me with the beam, baby (Ayy, yeah)
Ayy, uh, pockets full of green, I love cream, baby

[Verse 3: PHresher]
I said tell me what you got
Niggas still smoke cookie, I got hustle in my blood
Running with the 9, fuck with Wop, like what you want?
Rebound, tell her foreign, she like wow
Runnin’ bricks on mean mile
Shorty love my steam, now
Rolling in the hood, I give these packs out
I don’t fuck with these niggas, yeah, these nigga mask out
I’ma pull up, skrrt, skrrt, yeah, that bitch a NasCar
Tap up with Skinny and we got our bands up
I’m in L.A. in a mansion flexin’, they can’t stand us
I’m with function, I gotta checks up in a foreign car
I’m in L.A., she got ass, that’s a porn star
She wanna fuck with me then ’cause we born stars

[Verse 4: Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em]
Ayy, she wanna fuck with the gang ’cause we on, ayy
I pull up, drop-top, two-tone, ayy
Young nigga got rich off a cellphone
Ayy, turn trap-house into a trap-home
Ayy, I hit the block with a snubnosed
.223, hollow tip, leave a fuck nigga gone
I’m the king sitting on the throne
Ayy, the first chin I had was a blow

[Verse 5: PluHeph]
My bitch bad and boujee
It ain’t no bag of Gucci
Balenciaga, Gucci
Fendi bag and Louis
She got designer drippin’
Don’t need no compliments
And ain’t no finer bitch
They like, “Where you find your bitch?”
‘Cause every time she come around my city, bling bling
Pinky wing wet, around 50, bling bling
Ass dumb titties and them thighs, bling bling
Drop 200 on a ride, bling bling
Don’t worry about me, nigga, do you
She wanna fuck me and the crew too
I go nuts, I’m talkin’ coo-coo
Fuck your bitch, put her on YouTube

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