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FKA twigs - LP2

FKA twigs - LP2

FKA twigs is here with new album, LP2. According to a Reddit post, she mailed fans the artwork with a handwritten message on the back: “You are one of my more loyal supporters, so I wanted to write to you directly to let you know — it’s time.

LP2 is British singer, FKA twigs‘ sophomore album and her first full-length LP in 5 years. Her last project was the M3LL155X EP which released in 2015. The album was first announced with the release of the single, “Cellophane” on April 24, 2019, which seems to discuss the idea of a tainted relationship.

She also revealed that she wrote 2016’s ‘Good to Love’ “in an hour and worked on production for 6 months”. When asked what the biggest thing she has learnt this year is, FKA Twigs replied, “that’s a big question i guess this year i’ve really learnt not to take it personally when people project their insecurities <3”. For regular collaborator and stylist Karen Clarkson, her position amid her artistic inner-circle doesn’t prevent her from being awestruck by the directions she steers them towards: “Twigs is just an incredibly creative person and everything you do with her is exciting. Every time you do another video she has a new video, she’s always got a new idea and just when you think you’ve done something incredible, she comes up with something else and it’s like oh my God, we’re going there now.” Between the lowkey release of her first EP on Bandcamp in December 2012 and 2015’s M3LL155X, Twigs has mapped out one of the most distinctive and entrancing sounds in modern music. In recent times and to finish up the album, Reports by the Daily Mail indicate FKA Twigs and Shia Lebeouf are putting their romance "on hold" while the songstress finishes up her worldwide Magdalene Tour. An insider broke the news to E! News: "The stars have been taking time apart since May, because of her work schedule. They both have put their relationship on hold. FKA has been focusing on her tour and she wanted to put all of her heart and soul into it. They are really up in the air right now and were waiting until all of her work commitments were fulfilled to figure it out." DOWNLOAD

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