Download MP3: Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét

Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét - Monopoly  (mp3 download)

Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét – Monopoly (mp3 download)

Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét released a new single, “Monopoly.” Available for download and streaming on your favorite platforms, “Monopoly” is bouncy, an extended flex based around the board game of the same time. It also has Grande and Monét both singing “I like women and men,” so make of that what you will! The track comes attached to a video that’s as off-the-cuff as the song itself, stitched together footage of Grande and Monét.

It’s being billed as “a thank u to them fans” after the one-two release of Grande’s Sweetener and thank u, next. Monét, who has writing credits on both, has been working with Grande behind-the-scenes for a while now, first popping up on songs for 2013’s Yours Truly.

Ariana Grande also got fans talking about her sexuality when a notable lyric from her new single, “Monopoly” hinted that she has bisexual leanings.

The “Thank U, Next” hitmaker who starred fellow artist Victoria Monét on the song repeated the lyric, ‘I like women and men (yeah).’

Grande who has openly dated only men in the past before may actually swing both ways.

Taking to social media yesterday, April 2, Grande addressed talks about her sexuality when she responded to a fan who brought up the lyric by saying,

‘I haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to now … which is okay.’

Grande has always been a strong ally of the LGBT-Q community and should she identify as bisexual, it will be a plus for the community.

It is noteworthy that 25-year-old Monét revealed her bisexuality last November, tweeting,

“After coming out, this thanksgiving coulda went waaaay left!! But she love meeeee how I am and I ’m so happy.”

Stream and download Monopoly below

Download Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét – Monopoly

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