“Spider-Man: Far From Home” Movie Trailer

Watch “Spider-Man: Far From Home” Movie Trailer

The latest trailer for Far From Home lays out the basic plot for viewers. Aunt May knows Peter Parker’s identity, he travels with his classmates to Europe on a field trip, and Nick Fury shows up to hijack the vacation. Parker is tasked with investigating a new threat that Mysterio has knowledge about. Previous synopsis’ of the film state that Spider-Man and Mysterio work together to battle the elementals, but we all know their relationship will turn sour by movie’s end. It could also be just a game, an illusion that is being orchestrated by Mysterio in the first place. Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 5.

After over a decade of Spider-Man films, Marvel and Disney teamed up to bring the world the youngest Peter Parker yet. Tom Holland is closest to the comic book Spider-Man than any of the other previous actors. The innocent and malleable Peter Parker works best when he’s with the Avengers, bouncing his quips off other teammates. Although Avengers: Infinity War saw the demise of Parker, we all know he and other heroes will return. The debut trailer for Far From Home dropped today (January 15), and gave fans a mound of new information to digest.

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