Rihanna Goes Braless Under Her Killer NYE Gown

Rihanna Goes Braless in New Year Eve Gown

Rihanna Goes Braless Under Her Killer NYE Gown

Rihanna’s latest eye-catching look was the outfit she rocked during New Years’ Eve. RiRi’s form-fitting dress alone was worthy of conjuring “Wild Thoughts” and her decision to let the girls ring in the new era in freedom took the slaying to higher levels of sex appeal. No wonder she’s the one who got away to a couple (sort of) eligible bachelors. Then she made the heart-breaker swag look effortless, topping it off with a fur coat worn off one shoulder and vintage shades. View the diva-like gear below.

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Stunting on everyone with her fashion choices is just one of the many elements Rihanna is prepared to bring forth this year. The entrepreneur just launched new products for her Fenty cosmetics brand. She is also planning to roll out her long-awaited album. According to her vocal producer, it sounds “amazing” and will be worth the wait. If the entertainer’s upcoming music project sounds anything like her recent appearance, fans are in for one jaw-dropping treat.


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