Video: Sabrina Carpenter – Paris

Sabrina Carpenter - Paris (Video)

Watch Sabrina Carpenter – Paris (Music Video)

Sabrina Carpenter returns months later with the release of the music video to her new single Paris. Released as a countdown single Paris has a dreamy edge to the track and we can imagine her sitting in a hotel room trying to confess her feelings to herself. ‘It’s so romantic in Paris, won’t even try to compare it‘ as Paris has something which back in LA it lacks, the romance which she craves is there.

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The track sings of the desire for perfect love, whilst also reflecting on the faults she has ‘if you show me too much love, it makes me leave. Guess it’s one of many things that’s wrong with me‘. It’s sultry, sassy and sincere. Sabrina knows what she wants and where she can get it.

In 2017 she played a sold out headline show and also celebrated her 18th birthday in Paris. It’s been a while since we’ve seen someone as in love with a city as Sabrina is with Paris; meaning it was just a matter of time before it appeared in a track.

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Peep the visuals for Paris below and download the song after the jump.

Download Sabrina Carpenter – Paris

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