Audio Of El Chapo’s Nephew Leaving Threat Messages To 6ix9ine’s Mom surfaces

El Chapo’s Nephew Leaves Threat Messages To 6ix9ine’s Mom and audio surfaces. (Listen below)

Audio Of El Chapo's Nephew Leaving Threat Messages To 6ix9ine's Mom surfaces

Audio has been released in which you can hear a man who claims to be EL Chapo’s nephew threatening 6ix9ine’s Mother. On the message the man is very pissed off that Danny (6ix9ine) skipped out on the Dallas show which he paid him to perform at. The man seems to be close with 6ix9ine because he has pictures with 6ix9ine and with 6ix9ine’s Mother.

No word on how true this is and we are digging to confirm it, but reportedly the man is the nephew of drug kingpin EL Chapo. So it seems 6ix9ine is going to have some real problems even if/when he gets out of jail.

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