Lil Yatchy – No Smoke (Song)

Lil Yatchy - No Smoke (Song) download

Lil Yatchy – No Smoke (Song Download).

Lil Yatchy drops a new song titled No Smoke. No Smoke by Lil Yatchy appears to be a leak and should be one fans would love to listen to.
Lil Yachty was driving on Tuesday (Sept. 4) when he says he was pulled over by a white police officer for no good reason at all. The Atlanta rapper took to Twitter following the incident to voice his frustrations with what he feels was a racially motivated traffic stop by law enforcement.

“Wow, a white cop really just pulled me over just to ask me for the bill of sale on my car because he didn’t believe it was mine. Wtf,” he wrote. “I didn’t do anything wrong. He literally just doesn’t believe it’s my car. Shit is crazy.” It seems that Lil Boat was able to offer up the proper paperwork to prove the car actually belonged to him and resolve the traffic stop amicably.

Listen below.


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