Download MP3: Imagine Dragons – Natural

Imagine Dragons - Natural mp3 download
Imagine Dragons – Natural mp3 download

Imagine Dragons – Natural download.

Imagine Dragons drops a new song called Natural. The pop band announced the new single Natural via their instagram account.

For Imagine Dragons, one of the greatest achievements of Evolve is its unfettered honesty. “Instead of hiding behind metaphors, I was able to be more direct in my lyrics,” says Reynolds. “I really focused on searching deeper for lyrical value.” Along with giving the album untold emotional depth, honesty cuts through everyday chaos to reveal a luminous truth. “Right now the world can seem like a very dark and daunting place,” says Reynolds. “We wanted to create something like a lot of the records we grew up on, where it feels like you’re escaping into a world that’s much more vibrant. Our hope is that the album helps people focus on the beauty of each moment, and really see all the brilliance and color of life.”

On July 10th, imagine Dragons gave a massive performance at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena. It was one of those magical nights where everything comest together and you can feel the music washing over you.

During their set, the guys played a cover of The Police‘s “Every Breath You Take”, along with all of their many hits. We got several video from the show.

Check them out below.

Imagine Dragons Setlist 7/10/18


It’s time

Whatever It Takes


Walking the Wire

Next to Me


Every Breath You Take (Police Cover)

I’ll Make It Up to You

Start Over

Rise Up


I Don’t Know Why

Mouth of the River

Born to Be Yours [Kygo & Imagine Dragons Cover] #

Amsterdam #

I Bet My Life #



On Top of the World


Listen to Imagine Dragons’ new song Natural below.


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