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SG Tip – Block Boy Tip (Mixtape)

SG Tip - Block Boy Mixtape download

SG Tip – Block Boy Mixtape download

SG Tip drops off his Block Boy Tip mixtape. 21 Savage and SG Tip two have a long history together, SG Tip was supposedly affiliated with Slaughter Gang since he was 11 years old, and the two of them have toured together.

This history infects the music quite a bit, as SG Tip takes a lot of cues from his Slaughter Gang mentor. The flow and deliveries are similar to something Savage might put out, and some of the ad-libs are exactly the same as 21’s.

The production is quite strong, and SG Tip handles himself on a beat with an adeptness of a much more experienced rapper.


01 Lifestyle

02 Mink Coat

03 Change Me

04 Good Aim

05 Drip

06 Block Boy

07 4LGang (feat. PDE Escobar)

08 Shots Fired

09 Math

10 Naw FR

11 Push Up (feat. Yung Bans & SmokePurpp)

Stream the project below and cop the tune via streaming platforms.


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