Download Childish Gambino – EP

Childish Gambino - EP download

Childish Gambino – EP download

Childish Gambino finally releases his EP on all streaming platforms. Donald McKinley Glover is an American actor, writer, director, comedian, and producer, as well as a Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, and rapper under the stage name Childish Gambino, and as a disc jockey. Donald a multifaceted artist is one of those acts that’s come to shine in many areas of his art and music is one the world has begun to look at as his acting soared high with his TV show Atlanta.

Before today’s announcement, Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify sadly did not offer Gambino’s mixtape work such as EP that was released before his debut album Camp and after his mixtape Culdesac. 

Childish and his creative company, Wolf + Rothstein, have announced that EP will officially be available on all streaming platforms courtesy of Stem.

“Artists should never be in the position where the industry hinders their creative output,” Gambino’s manager, Wolf Taylor, tells Billboard. “Our goal is to give our artists the ability to release content when and where they want. Partnering with Stem has allowed us to maintain our major label resources while providing us with a platform to independently release our special projects.”

This new move comes at the perfect time considering Childish will be retiring his musical talents based on his Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator moniker. Known in the acting and directing lane as Donald Glover, the multifaceted man announced that after his upcoming project, Childish Gambino will see no more musical releases.


1. “Be Alone” 4:41

2. “Freaks and Geeks” 3:37

3. “My Shine” 3:30

4. “Lights Turned On” 3:51

5. “Not Going Back” (featuring Beldina Malaika) 4:41

Stream below


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