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Watch Wiz Khalifa Freestyle About Amber Rose On Big Boy’s Neighborhood

Wiz Khalifa Freestyles About Amber Rose On Big Boy's Neighborhood

Wiz Khalifa Freestyles About Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa decided to pay a visit by Big Boy’s radio show on Real 92.3 this week and participate in a little freestyle session.

Writing various words on a flash car, Wiz & Big Boy go back & forth trading off-the-top freestyles correlating with the respective word on the note card. Rapping about everything from spaghetti & Trump’s hair to 4th grade and Big Boy, Wiz does his damn thing & goes off the top for some comical off-the top bars. However the real kicker came when Wiz was asked to rhyme about his ex-wife Amber Rose over Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like” instrumental. Like a respectable gentleman, Wiz kept it peaceful during the freestyle and has continued to do so throughout their divorce.

“I don’t want no drama,”/ “Why you gotta bring up my baby mama? / Well damn, I suppose / I’ma freestyle about Amber Rose / She’s bald head, she’s got my kid / We was married, yes, we did / I still love her, she love me too / You think I’ma talk bad about her, you’re through / I never will, that’s the mother of my kid / I’m right here, I’m doing it with Big / And I ain’t worried about these hoes / Because my baby mother is Amber Rose.”

Watch Below.

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