Download Video: Power Season 4 Episode 5 – Don’t Thank Me

Download Video: Power Season 4 Episode 5 - Don't Thank Me
Power Season 4 Episode 5 download

In episode 4, we all saw the end and it surely complicates how things go from the new episodes to come but before all of that happens, Angela Valdez is going to be asking questions. Unfortunately for her, she may not be surrounded by people who are altogether interested in listening.

In the latest sneak peek below for this episode, you can see Lela Loren’s character engage in an intense back-and-forth with Mike Sandoval over her recent discovery with the tapes. She’s determined that it looks impossible for Jamie to have hid the gun, and with that, she’s starting to think that he may be innocent of this crime, after all. She was suspicious that he would hide the gun in such an obvious place in the first place, and that paranoia is understandably running rampant.


It’s too bad now that Angela is running into the same exact problem that Greg Knox did before his death: Sniffing around a little too close to the truth. While Angela doesn’t have any suspicion of Mike right now, he clearly knows that one move could get her closer to understanding what he’s really up to. That’s not a chance he is willing to take, which is why he pushes back at the notion of taking her claims seriously. He’s far more inclined in his mind to ignore all of her findings, knowing that it could undermine the case and in turn, make it infinitely more challenging to ensure that Jamie is locked up for good.

Mike wants to keep being the mole, and doesn’t want anyone to find out what he’s up to. Meanwhile, Angela wants justice. These are two characters who should be on the same side, but at the end of the day, they’ve got different priorities. That’s something that is likely only going to become clearer over time, and when things come to a head, they could be ugly. Angela better just hope that if she finds out the truth about Mike that he’s not around, and she informs the right people before he finds out what she’s up to. He’s killed before, and obviously has no problem doing it again.

Catch up on the latest happenings below

Download Power Season 4 Episode 5 – Don’t Thank Me (MP4)

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