Download MP3: Davido ft. R. Kelly – IF (Remix)

New Music: Davido ft. R. Kelly – IF (Remix)
Davido ft. R. Kelly – IF Remix mp3 download
Unarguably one the biggest African tune in 2017 so far by Davido gets the much touted remix which features living legend R. Kelly and it’s awesome!!!!

Now Sometime last month, Sony Music act, Davido revealed that legendary American R&B singer, R. Kelly made a remix to his mega-smash, “IF“. The frenzy that ensued led to both camps going ahead to work on officially putting out the Kelz version as the official remix.

While Davido holds it down over a brief Lil Jon vocal sample, The R brings some raunchiness to the dance-ready track. “Would you come running for my needs on the double” he sings. “Come and bail me out when a ni**a get in trouble Give me that loving wherever we are Po-po-po-poke in the back of my car.”As his cameo continues, Kellz gets even more R-rated. “Baby, would you give me full control?” he asks. “Would you green light me, just let me go I’ll give you s*x never known before Brace yourself, girl, ’cause I’m dangerous.”.

Download MP3: Davido ft. R. Kelly – IF (Remix)
Download MP3: Davido ft. R. Kelly – IF (Remix)

This remix will remind you of R. Kelly’s song writing prowess just in case you forgot. His ability to flow and deliver all his lyrics in a seamless and impressive manner over this very afrobeat tune is nothing short of magical. 

Listen below 

Download Davido x R Kelly – IF Remix (MP3)

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