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Photo: Ogun community saves day-old baby


After crying helplessly for nearly 24 hours inside a soak away pit, a day old-baby was over the weekend rescued from a pit in Olomore area of Abeokuta North local government of Ogun state.

An eyewitness said that residents of Surulere community in Olomore area of Abeokuta North woke up to a cry of a little baby coming from a soak away toilet behind a church in the area.

Residents said they’d heard the baby crying in the early hours of Saturday morning but could not link the cries to a particular direction. However, later in the day, around 6pm, the baby’s crying became more pronounced and they traced it to a soak-away pit. There, they found the baby, a boy, who was alive with his placenta uncut.

The pit slab cover had collapsed some years ago and had not been replaced. The damaged slab concrete saved the baby from going deep into the soak-away pit. (Source –

And some people don’t believe in God!

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