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Video: Jay-Z & Kanye West Documentary “Public Enemies”

Video: Jay-Z & Kanye West Documentary
Video: Jay-Z & Kanye West Documentary “Public Enemies”
Jay-Z and Kanye West went from friends to foes in a very public fashion, and a new documentary called Public Enemies aims to explore the intricacies of that relationship. The film debuted on Channel 4 in the U.K. last week, and now, you can view it online in full.

The saga between Hov and Ye is a long and sprawling one. According to XXL, the 4:44 rapper supposedly didn’t call West following Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery incident. Rumors have also circulated over time that both Jay and Beyoncé disapproved of Kim before she and Kanye were even married. Love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: they certainly have compelling drama down.

Watch Publicr Enemies below 


Video: Jay Z – Adnis

Video: Jay Z - Adnis
Video: Jay Z – Adnis
Jay Z releases the visuals for Adnis. 

Moonlight star Mahershala Ali plays a boxer fighting some personal demons in JAY-Z’s pensive “Adnis” video that was released Friday (July 28). 

The minimal track’s new visual by director Mark Romanek shows Ali in black and white preparing himself for training as a quiet father-like trainer played by Danny Glover watches on. The imagery is compelling and fitting, as the song is a letter to JAY-Z’s dad (that he never wrote, as he says opening the track). 

Throughout it, Ali embodies JAY-Z’s poetic lyrics, facing himself through his struggles with his father. 

Watch below 


The Jay Z vs Kanye West beef may just be super real. It’s so real that a Channel 4 in the U.K. will air a documentary on Jay Z & Kanye West. The documentary is called Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs. Kanye West. It will be aired Monday July 31st at 10pm.

The film highlights the relationship between the two icons. Its revealed how competetive the two are amongst each other. Also highlights their bitter differences which usually makes them bump heads.

The film sees contributions from the likes of Just Blaze, Touré and others as they discuss the similarities and differences between Hov and ‘Ye and the growth of their relationship over the years. It looks like a must-see.

Video: Jay Z – Footnotes For Kill Jay Z

Video: Jay Z - Footnotes For Kill Jay Z
Video: Jay Z – Footnotes For Kill Jay Z


After topping the Billboard 200 for the second week in a row with 4:44, JAY-Z drops “Footnotes for Kill Jay Z,” the latest installment in a series of interview-based visuals in support of his 13th LP.

For this confessional track, Hov opens up about what “Kill Jay Z” is really about. “It’s really about the ego, killing off the ego so we can have this conversation in a place of vulnerability and honesty,” he explains. “Jay Z, the public persona, couldn’t have this conversation, so he has to be eliminated, he has to be removed. So it’s really Shawn Carter speaking Jay Z and he has to convince him to move aside.”

However, Hov also reveals that he couldn’t fully eliminate the ego. “I did bring us here,” he says, speaking of the ego’s point of view. “Some of the things I’ve done, you needed me. You need a bit of your ego at some point.”

Like the other “Footnotes” video clips for “The Story of O.J.” and “4:44,” this installment features actor Anthony Anderson, “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, and comedian Chris Rock, among others.

Up next, Hov is set to release the highly-anticipated video for “Adnis” featuring Mahershala Ali. The clip for the 4:44 bonus cut is due Friday at 4:44 p.m.

Watch “Footnotes for Kill Jay Z” via TIDAL.

Video: Jay Z – Bam ft Damian Marley

Video: Jay Z - Bam ft Damian Marley
Video: Jay Z – Bam ft Damian Marley
JAY Z‘s “Bam” video from 4:44 is finally here, allowing those without a TIDAL subscription to watch the clip. Featuring Damian Marley and Sister Nancy, the visual accounts for the first from JAY’s recently-released album that he himself is actually showcased in.
The “Bam” video was shot in Jamaica, as it highlights Hov, Damian and Sister Nancy working on the collaborative track in the studio. The release follows up on 4:44 clips for “The Story of O.J.” and “4:44,” in addition to a video titled “Footnotes.”

Peep the visuals below 

Video: Jay Z – Kill Jay Z

Video: Jay Z - Kill Jay Z
Video: Jay Z – Kill Jay Z
The latest video from JAY-Z‘s new 4:44 album is here, and this time it’s for the intro, “Kill Jay Z. Watch it below. The clip is directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz.

In the visual, we see a young man, perhaps an iteration of young JAY-Z, running down what looks like an alley. He seems to be running from something, but we can’t see it, and at one point, the music slows down, cutting to a different show where we only see the kid’s face from his eyes up.

Watch here 

Video: Jay Z – Kill Jay Z (Teaser)

Video: Jay Z - Kill Jay Z (Teaser)
Video: Jay Z – Kill Jay Z (Teaser)
4:44 will be Jay Z’s 14th No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 — the most for any solo artist and the rap mogul unveils the video teaser for “Kill Jay Z,” his latest single off 4:44.

The new preview is an aerial shot of a man on the ground in a desolate area. The camera continues to pan out, making the person in the frame look smaller and smaller until the entire clip fades to black.

It’s unclear whether this video will be connected to the “Kill Jay Z” teaser that was previously released. That one featured a young man in a “Stay Black” shirt, seemingly running for his life. Both snippets were shot in black and white.

Jigga has already released videos for “The Story of O.J.,” “4:44,” and “BaM” off the album. The new clip is expected to arrive on Friday

Photos: Meet The Carter Twins

Jay Z and Beyoncé Finally Show Off Pictures of their twins Sir and Rumi carter
Jay Z and Beyoncé Finally Show Off Pictures of their twins Sir and Rumi carter
Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins finally make their public debut.

Sir and Rumi Carter posed with Mom surrounded by a rose-filled trellis in an oceanside location — it looks a lot like the grounds of the Malibu palace where we know Bey and Jay have been living since the kids were born.
It’s been about a month since the little boy and girl arrived. As we first reported … they were hospitalized for a while after birth to get treatment for jaundice.
Not only do they look totally healthy now … checkout the full head of hair on one of ’em!

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. 🙏🏽❤️👨🏽👩🏽👧🏽👶🏾👶🏾

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On the “Footnotes for 4:44,” JAY-Z opened up about love and Beyoncé in an 11-minute short film about the title track off his just-released 13th album.
Much like “Footnotes for The Story of O.J.,” this clip features interviews with Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, Will Smith, Anthony Anderson, Aziz Ansari, Michael B. Jordan, and, of course, the man of the hour, Shawn Carter.

“What I thought, when I met my dad, was, ‘Oh, I’m free to love now,’” Jigga says in the video. “But it’s like, ‘Yeah, but how are you gonna do it? You wanna do it, I get it, but how are you gonna do it? You’ve never won this before. No one informs you how to do it. You don’t even have the tools to do it.’ ‘I don’t know. But I’m gonna do it.’ That’s why I say, ‘You matured faster than me. I wasn’t ready.’”

Typically guarded, Hov allows viewers to know more about his high-profile marriage to Beyoncé. “This is my real life,” he adds. “I ran into this place and we built this big, beautiful mansion of a relationship that wasn’t totally built on the 100 percent truth, and then it starts cracking, and then things start happening that the public can see.”

During brief, candid moments, Hov also explains how he and Bey were able to repair the issues from their past. “We had to go to a point where it was like, ‘Tear this down and let’s start from the beginning,’” he says. “It’s hard. Remember, I’m from Marcy Projects. [Been] shot at. Nothing is harder than this. By far, I’m telling you, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Most humans, us, we’re not willing to put ourselves through that. Most people give up.”

Hov addresses his relationship and his flaws on “4:44,” which acts as the title track to his latest album. According to him, Beyoncé heard the cut after it was recorded. “I just played it,” he says. “We got to a place where we’re like, ‘In order for this to work, this can’t be fake, not one ounce.’ I’m not saying it wasn’t uncomfortable, because obviously, it was, but because we’ve been doing this for so long, it was less uncomfortable.”
Once the “Footnotes” end, viewers can watch a brief preview of the “Bam” music video, which was shot in Kingston, Jamaica, featuring young children playing soccer and Hov rocking a green camo jacket with his signature New York Yankees fitted cap. The video is set to drop Friday at 4:44 p.m. ET and follows the visuals for “4:44” and “The Story of O.J.”
Earlier today, Jigga also announced the “4:44 Tour,” which is set to kick off Oct. 27 in Anaheim, Calif. The tour comes in support of his 13th album, which is projected to top the Billboard 200 following a week of TIDAL exclusivity.

Bryson Tiller Talks “Wild Thoughts,” ‘True To Self,’ Drake, JAY-Z & More

Bryson Tiller Talks “Wild Thoughts,” ‘True To Self,’ Drake, JAY-Z & More
Bryson Tiller Talks “Wild Thoughts,” ‘True To Self,’ Drake, JAY-Z & More

Bryson Tiller performed at the annual Wireless Festival on Friday night.

Prior to his set, the R&B star sat down with UK radio legend Tim Westwood for an off-camera interview. The often reclusive artist addressed his decision to not do many video interviews, avoiding the added attention from females now that he is a celebrity, and how success affected the relationship with the mother of his child.

Tiller spoke briefly about his feature and the success of “Wild Thoughts,” he talked about being flattered by other artists doing the ‘TrapSoul’ sound, and his early influences. When asked about it, Bryson said he loves JAY-Z’s new album 4:44, but he revealed that he hasn’t even heard all of Jay’s past albums, and he never used to listen to hip hop at all. The first rap artist that he got into was Lil Wayne.

Speaking about rap artists, Pen Griffey said he wants to get back in the studio with Travis Scott. During another off-camera interview on Capital Xtra, he discussed why his previously-teased collaborations with Drake haven’t been released yet. “I sent him a few songs and he sent me a few songs. We just gotta see what happens,” he said. “I don’t ever want to rush a song with anybody. I just want to put out the right song or the right project … Whatever it may be, I don’t want to rush it.”

Watch the full interview with Tim Westwood below.