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Jeezy – Bottles Up Ft Diddy (Video)

Jeezy kick continues his campaign towards his new album release with a brand new video. After the release of two singles  ‘Bottles Up’ featuring Diddy and ‘Cold Summer’ with Tee Grizzley. Now following the unveiling of the track list for his upcoming album Pressure, Jizzle

Forbes releases list of top billing artists in 2017

Forbes releases list of top billing artists in 2017

With the music year coming to an end, and end-of-year lists are beginning to emerge on the web, Forbes has released its traditional list of top-grossing artists of the year, with the top four being hip-hop performers. Diddy, Beyoncé, Drake, The Weeknd, Jeniffer Lopez, and JAY-Z are present in the ranking that counts

Mase ft Diddy & Dj Khaled – Rap Rushmore

Mase isn’t done with his music comeback as he returns with his new song, “Rap Rushmore” featuring Puff Daddy and DJ Khaled, is an admonition that he really believes that he’s the best to ever do it. “Ride like I knew Harley, ungodly/Smoke like I

Diddy Confirms “Name Change” Was A Joke

Media Mogul Diddy Diddy was having some fun celebrating his 48th birthday and hopped on Instagram to announce that he wanted to go by a new name… “Love” or “Brother Love.” “Hey yo; what’s up y’all. I have some very serious, serious news.” Diddy said


A video has been circulating on the internet which details all the proof they believe to be fact which confirms Diddy is gay. In the video evidence suggest that Diddy got his start and power from Clive Davis. The video claims Diddy was Clive Davis’s