NBA YoungBoy – This Not A Song, This For My Supporters (download)

NBA YoungBoy - This Not A Song, This For My Supporters (download)

NBA YoungBoy - This Not A Song, This For My Supporters (download)

Here is NBA YoungBoy – This Not A Song This For My Supporters (download). The song released with streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music act.

Throughout the lengthy title, he both raps and directly speaks to his audience, maintaining his favourite message as of late, which is all about stopping the violence.

YB specifically addresses the ongoing situation with Kanye West. The 45-year-old has been undeniably causing concern with his recent anti-Semitic antics and praise of Hitler, among other controversial acts.

“And, it hurt my heart that Kanye let them people break his soul / How the f*ck that go? N*gga, stay in yo’ home! / N*gga, hold your ground! You strong!” he explicitly raps.

In the caption of his YouTube upload, the Baton Rouge-born star penned another message. “I feel yo pain, I got you n*gga. I’m with you. Just remember to ‘remain a man’ and you (sweet lady) ‘remain a [woman]’. Don’t let these people flunk you out. I’m gone protect you and preach to the end.”

“We will not be broken,” he additionally added. “The only option is to win. A gangster is not who you say you are, ‘it’s who you show you are.’ It’s not what these n*ggas trying to dictate you to be. Make your own decisions and stand on it.”

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Uh, XO
(Simo Fre just killed this)
I’m startin’ to think
I’m startin’ to think…
As I start to promote the peace I say, “Stop the violence,” I think I’m incitin’ a riot
If you ain’t hear me clear, my nigga
I said, “As I start to promote the peace I say, “Stop the violence,” I think I’m incitin’ a riot”
Ya heard me?
Ahh, huh

Youngin tryna put that blick on somethin’ (Baow)
Youngin steady tryna hit at somethin’ (Boom, baow)
I been tryna tell him not to do it, youngin
And these pussy niggas gon’ tell up on me
I feel yo’ pain, my slime
Just trust me and I could get you through the rain, my five

Yeah, I know you know they want to kill me in Atlanta and every city out here
Pussy nigga gon’ get his issue ’cause they knowin’ that I’m out here and I’m gon’ kill
They have to learn that hurtin’ people here is not the way now
I had to learn my ways poisonin’ my child
Twelve bodies and one child dead, “Stop the violence” what I fuckin’ said
I want to see you eat, you don’t want beef with me
I ain’t even tryna bust ya fuckin’ head
My city not no bad city, no, Mr. Government
But, it’s the holidays, everybody broke, so you knowin’ that’s why it’s trouble sent
I’m Rolls Royce ridin’, please don’t tell me who said somethin’
I know this ain’t right, God please forgive, I misled some
These pussy niggas ain’t more better than me, I count up twelve, nigga
Now I got to change, you ain’t got nothin’ to do with me, I’m goin’ to Hell, nigga
My baby mama don’t fuck with me no more
Can’t my thug with bro’nem no more
Nightmare to me, I ain’t wanna drop a bag ’cause them pussy niggas bringin’ pressure, and I know
But, I been told you, “Leave them streets alone”
And, I been told you that we both on
Now, you wanna let a broke nigga drag you to your grave?
I’m sorry, now, you on your own
Havin’ my way, that stinky ho know that I’ll have her inside my home
Even though my girl don’t like you, bitch, if I fuck with you, that’s the time I’m on
My mama know how I could get down
But, know I ain’t leavin’ this journey, I’m on
I ain’t never confessin’, but I got missionaries sittin’ inside my home
I done did hard drugs
I done seen plenty killings, woah
Now, you know I know how to rap, I ain’t even rappin’ right now, I’m just talkin’ to you clear
I’m tryna get you to see, it’s a bigger side of life, just listen with your ears
And keep your eyes peeled
‘Cause it ain’t no comin’ back once you get killed
I FaceTimed my brother that Blood me in, you see this big, “4L,” on my neck
Pussy nigga had the nerve to text me back and say, “Who the fuck is this?”
Now, that’s cold, slime
And you know where I’m at ’cause big brother fuck with them niggas and they hoes
And I already know you know how I get down, Five
And you knowin’ how I roll

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