Allie X – Cape God (Deluxe) album (download)

Allie X – Cape God (Deluxe) album (download)

Here is Allie X – Cape God (Deluxe) album (download). The updated LP is the latest music effort by the pop music act.

The singer is back with added tracks to her just released project.

01. Fresh Laundry (3:56)
02. Devil I Know (2:52)
03. Regulars (3:41)
04. Sarah Come Home (3:33)
05. Rings a Bell (4:16)
06. June Gloom (3:09)
07. Love Me Wrong (3:12)
08. Super Duper Party People (3:49)
09. Susie Save Your Love (3:58)
10. Life of the Party (3:31)
11. Madame X (3:30)
12. Learning in Public (3:48)
13. Cape God Theme (2:10)
14. Milk (3:30)
15. Limited Love (3:41)
16. Anchor (3:08)
17. Rising Tide (5:29)

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