Champions League Preditions: Mancity v PSG, Liverpool v FC Porto, AC Milan v Atletico Madrid

Champions League Preditions:

Champions League Preditions: Mancity v PSG, Liverpool v FC Porto, AC Milan v Atletico Madrid and more game potential outcomes.

With Tuesday fuxtures already played out and supposed winners winning their games like Manchester United and Bayern Munich, Soccer enthusiasts would be looking to how things could play out.

With the major match of the day between Manchester City and PSG, there are some other mouth watering fixtures that could go either in your favor or otherwise. Regardless to say, the UEFA Champions League is one of the exciting sports tournaments that many enjoy.

Considering the outcomes and predictions, we are going to be delving right in to the ones we feel could be straight wins.

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Besiktas V Ajax Predictions

The match kicks off earlier than others and that game is between the first and the last. The Dutch club has been known for scoring alot of goals and in this campaign tbey have racked up 14 goals so far. Going up against Besiktas who have 0 points should be an easy routine even though the game is at the Turkish sides arena. We see Ajax winning this game outrightly as it would be a miracle for Besiktas to qualify and with aspirations to remain top of tbe group, Ajax will play the game without any hold back.

Besiktas 0 – 2 Ajax (Final Score) Champions League Preditions

Inter Milan v Shakhtar Donetsk

The current Serie A champions are with 7 points in 4 games. Pretty poor for a team that many saw would dominate after their superb performance last season. The sale of their striker Lukaku may have been a major factor in their so-so season aw well. That being said, we do feel they have this game in the bag. After a stalemate in Ukraine, Shakhtar are yet to win a match in this season of the Uefa Champions league and we do not think they will get the 3 points here.

With Real Madrid gunning for top position in the table and with 2 games left. Inter Milan will look to take this game as serious as they can. If they win this match and their next against Real Madrid, being at the top of the table will not be a dream anymore. Shakhtar on the other hand will need the heavens to align and major results to qualify out of this group. The permutations for this to hapoen are ridiculous at best but this is why we wtach the game of soccer.

Both teams have been in fine form but we tip Inter Milan to win this game.

Inter Milan 2 – 0 Shakhtar Donetsk

Liverpool V FC Porto Predictions

The English team with the hosts of red hot Mohammed Salah and co have recovered from their early season malaise to total domination. Sitting pretty at the top of group B with 12 points and 2 games at hand, Klopp’s men will be pushing to ensure they keep the momentum. Portuguese side FC Porto will be looking to winning this game as well and maybe hopeful that Liverpool FC field a not so strong lineup for the game. Something they may take advantage of? We doubt it since the game is at Anfield.

After thumping Porto 5 goals to 1, we see this as an open match with Liverpool coming top at the end of the day. There will be lots of goals as well since wining the golden boot is a prize as well.

Porto will take their chances and try their best to win this game if they can sieze an opportunity. Remember that Atletico Madrid are just behind them by 1 point.

Liverpool 3 – 1 Fc Porto (Final Score)

Manchester City V PSG (Predictions)

Mancity have been in scintillating form as they usually are and tbeir game against Paris Saint-Germain tonight will be another test for them. Losing to the Ligue Un side in their last match up by 2 goals will make the matter of getting 1 up over the French side a must. Asides that Pep Guardiola’s men can not afford to lose this game since their top position in this group counts on it.

PSG have had their ups and downs coming into the season but things are beginning to finally normalise. The inclusion of Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi to the squad may have caused some turbulence. That seems to be out now as they have not lost a game in their last five matches. Their last two away games were draws and a draw here against Manchester City would not be a really good outcome for them since they have to now rely on other outcomes in other matches played in the group.

Looking at lineups, one key name Kevin De Bruyne will be a big blow to Pep as the Belgian has always been an outstanding player. A favorite to decide games and a master of the technical aspect of the game, Guardiola would have loved to have his talisman on the pitch.

Considering this match’s outcome is difficult but we remain confident that Manchester City can win this game. PSG need this win more and may open themsleves up to getting scored on. It is going to be a tough call but here is our final outlook..

Manchester City 2 – 1 PSG (final Score) Champions League Preditions

Sheriff Tiraspol V Real Madrid (Predictions)

We must admit Sheriff Tiraspol have been the team to watch in this group stage of the 2021 UEFA Champions League. The Moldovan club were able to prove doubters wrong when they travelled to Spain and beat Los Blancos. That is their first ever meeting so you can imagine the joy. That being said, Real have since then lost only one game in all competitions.

With 9 points at the top of the group, Carlo Ancelotti will not want a repeat outcome against this team and could be gearing for a resounding victory. With Inter Milan playing today, a victory for the Spanish soccer giants would keep them in pole position.

Sheriff Tiraspol will also look to sieze the moment and play this game in open fashion knowing fully well that there is a chance for them to qualify from this group. Real have not kept a clean sheet in their last four games so we expect goals from both sides.

Sheriff Tiraspol 1 V 2 Real Madrid (Final Score)

Atletico Madrid V AC Milan (Predictions)

Current Champions of La Liga will need to fight off the Italian side for a chance to qualify from this group. At the beginning of this tournament, no one would have envisaged that Diego Simeone’s men would be struggling to even make it to the knockout stages of the Uefa Champions league of 2021. With 4 points from 4 matches so far, Atletico need a must win in this game.

Ac Milan on other hand will need a miracle to qualify. They need outcomes in their favour but first must win this game to even anticipate or dream of such. Having lost to Atletico in Italy, the odds are not in their favour. Both teams have had average forms of late with both winning only 2 of their last five matches.

Most expect Atletico Madrid to prove their might once again after coming back late to secure their win against the Rossoneri. That being taken into consideration, we see this match as a tight game of chess.

Atletico Madrid 1 V 0 Ac Milan (final score)

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