Kevin Ross – Drive 2 album (download)

Kevin Ross – Drive 2 album (download)

Kevin Ross – Drive 2 album (download)

Here is Kevin Ross – Drive 2 album (download). The new LP is the latest music effort by the R&B music act. The singer recently discussed the project in a recent interview.

Drive 2! Yes, I’m super excited about this. With Drive 1, there was a small pocket of people that understand drive is more so, a concept where its groove based. It’s fluidity based as well. The flow of drive and the cohesiveness of it renders to a great listening experience.

Not only did we do that but when we did Drive 1, I rented an old school car. When you rent old school cars [it was a 1965], it comes with instructions. You can’t just take the keys, turn it over, and be on your way. You have to get into your car, pump the gas to make sure that its primed, wait a few minutes, and then actually turn it over.

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What I’ve learned from that experience is that just like a relationship, it takes maintenance, patience, and time in order for it to go and work the way that you want it to. In Drive 2, I wanted to focus on motorcycles. I hadn’t necessarily rode on a motorcycle before, but I wanted to go in-depth and learn the things about it. I learned that there is a freedom when you’re riding alone, but when someone is put on the back of your motorcycle, that’s the ultimate symbol of trust.

It’s the fact that someone’s life is in your hands. I related that to my audience. The fact that I’m taking them on this journey and really offering myself so that they can eventually trust me to deliver music year after year to them. I want to depict our generation in a way that makes us happy, brings us memories, and creates nostalgia for the future.

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1.108.7 The Drive
2.Sweet Release
3.Looking For Love
4.Same Team
6.108.7 Giveaway
8.Ms. Communication
9.Lady Love
10.108.7 Ending

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