Coldplay – Music Of The Spheres album (download)

Coldplay – Music Of The Spheres album (download)

Coldplay – Music Of The Spheres album (download)

Here is Coldplay – Music Of The Spheres album (download). The new LP is the latest music effort by the alternative music band.

The body of work borrows its title from ancient ideas of musical harmony and planetary motion. The album’s message of universal togetherness is sincerely delivered. “It is a bit grander in its sound,” says lead singer Chris Martin. “The songs come first, but the picture frame of the title of ‘Music of the Spheres’ sort of easily said which songs might fit within it. But you’re always at the mercy of what what songs decide to show up.”

Guitarist Jonny Buckland uses a fishing analogy: “The concept kind of builds the net, do you know what I mean? And then the net catches the type of fish that it wants to.”

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“We historically as a band tend to fill space,” says Champion. “We paint with lots of layers, big thick strings and synths. And one of the reasons that I think we all felt such a relief with working with Max is that he is very conscious of not filling too many gaps.”

Adds bassist Guy Berryman: “You’re not going to make a song sound bigger and more impressive by adding another layer of sound and then another layer of sound. It’s like when you mix too many colors together, you always end up with brown.”

01 – ⦵
02 – Higher Power
03 – Humankind
04 – *✧
05 – Let Somebody Go (feat. Selena Gomez)
06 – ♡ (feat. We Are King and Jacob Collier)
07 – People of the Pride
08 – Biutyful
09 – ❍
10 – My Universe (feat. BTS)
11 – ∞
12 – Coloratura

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