Download Meek Mill – Sharing Locations Ft. Lil Baby & Lil Durk

Meek Mill - Sharing Locations Ft. Lil Baby & Lil Durk

Here is Meek Mill – Sharing Locations Ft. Lil Baby & Lil Durk (download). The song released with streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

The track was produced by Nick Papz, Xander, KJ, and Svdominik, and comes with its own video, directed by Mill himself, which sees the three hang out by the doors of a private jet.
‘Sharing Locations’ was first teased earlier this year, when Mill shared a snippet of the song via his Instagram account.

The song is also the first time Lil Baby and Lil Durk have collaborated since the release of their joint project ‘The Voice Of The Heroes’, which came out earlier this year. The pair are set to take it on a joint 2021 US tour later this year.

Meek Mill released new track ‘War Stories’, which featured Bobby Shmurda and Lil Uzi Vert.
Last month the rapper shared a clip that showed off his son’s attempts to follow in his musical footsteps. Posting on Instagram, Mill shared sweet footage of the youngster’s latest song, which was created on free recording software BandLab.

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Durk: I got a little bitch from the hood I call her gang, she don’t play with that bae shit

Meek: I be fuckin this NBA nigga bitch, cause she know I ain’t never gonna say shit

Baby: New contract big like I play ball little boy, ain’t nothing to play with

Durk: I told her pull up she told me she can’t, her nigga be sharing locations

Meek: I was riding in the ghost with the ghost gun, seen you out with your kids so you owe one. And my man in the can while you taking out the trash he pop up with the mac like don’t run

Baby: Gave her a pill they all get high, you ever had a foursome? Its too much cash for me to hide, I had to give little bro some. I fuck her raw from time to time, I don’t show no emotion

Durk: But when he died he had them racks, he had to make a go fund. I hang with the hitters who train the killers, who send all the niggas on slow runs. I got me a check, and I bought me a cat and went on the block and did donuts. I hang with all the Murderers, I’m paying all the lawyers for the Murderers, I’m putting all my dice on the Murderers, you don’t winna see me with the Murderers, Murderers

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Meek: Rolls Royce swervin, famous bitch curvin, seen you out in traffic, you was looking nervous

Baby: Ran it up on accident, then they thought it was on purpose, I know for a fact I’m blasting mine I never get too worried. Hundred racks in hundreds stick like cursive I been selling verses.

Durk: One time I lied inside my song, I ain’t gonna buy no Burkin. Homicide on my mind when I slide I ain’t trying see no hearse. He ain’t even die by the gun; took a fake pill nigga died off percs

Meek: Shorty look perfect, pussy was worth it, go get her some purses, My diamonds be hitting like we in a Versus, we sticking together this shit in a cursive. I’m fuckin with Durkio, I just left the jeweler with Baby bought two anniversaries. Go to Atlanta to Copper Cove me, bad little bitches all on me. Way to ranked up, ain’t no exposing me. She wanna go to the mall, got up and went to the pop up at Louis in Soho and ordered it all. I’m in this bitch with the voice and the hero these niggas is weirdos, ain’t going this hard. I’m from the P, that’s gang. All these niggas know me I hang with…

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