Lorde – Solar Power Deluxe album (download)

Lorde – Solar Power album (download)

Lorde – Solar Power album (download)

Here is Lorde – Solar Power Deluxe album (download). The updated LP is the latest music effort by the music act.

This is the exclusive deluxe edition of Lorde’s third studio album Solar Power, which has a different artwork and includes the two bonus tracks “Helen of Troy” and “Hold No Grudge.”

Lorde’s third album Solar Power was born out of an epiphany. “I was very much raised outdoors by the beach, in the ocean, outside,” the New Zealand pop titan tells Apple Music.

“But it wasn’t until I got my dog that I understood how precious the natural world is and how many gifts there are for someone like me to receive. I felt like all I was doing was paying attention and being rewarded tenfold with things that would not just lift my mood, but legitimately inspire me.”

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The death of her dog, Pearl, in 2019, slowed down the production of the album, but what Lorde learned from him—the joy of being outside, even if it’s just at your local park—flows through the finished product.

1. The Path (3:41)
2. Solar Power (3:13)
3. California (3:12)
4. Stoned at the Nail Salon (4:26)
5. Fallen Fruit (3:58)
6. Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All) (3:39)
7. The Man with the Axe (4:16)
8. Dominoes (2:03)
9. Big Star (2:47)
10. Leader of a New Regime (1:33)
11. Mood Ring (3:46)
12. Oceanic Feeling (6:40)

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13. Helen of Troy (2:52)
14. Hold No Grudge (4:29)

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