Young Thug – Tick Tock (download)

Young Thug - Tick Tock (download)

Young Thug drops new song, “Tick Tock” The slime rapper comes through with a cut drom his upcoming album, Punk.

The project is set to be released October 15th, and the album will mark Young Thug’s second official studio album, following 2019’s So Much Fun.

He premiered part of “Tick Tock” during his set at Rolling Loud in Miami back in July, then revealed a few more songs (“Die Slow,” “Droppin Jewels,” and “Hate the Game”) during a performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series (for the performance, Young Thug was backed by a full live band, including Travis Barker).


Okay, shit, I just woke up in an animal
I just woke up in a Lambo’
Flawless baguettes and the orange Richard
I just had bust down a cantaloupe
Niggas want beef and I’m tryna be vegan
But fuck it, bae, bring a can of smoke
I can’t see niggas in the glasses store (Swear)
Slidin’ in the coupe in the back
Smoke out the bag too big for a sack
Do you see her baby hair growing down her back?
Shawty look just like a two-year-old brat (Goddamn)
Just like a record, get scratched (Skrrt)
Y’all niggas rats, dispatch (Dispatch)
I got four Blacks, Kit-Kat (Ooh)
Dick in her back, I’m dad
Player, where you from?
Talk ’bout the trenches, I came out the trеnches
I came from the roachеs, I came from the riches (Woo)
I’m from where they call you a rat if you snitchin’ (Woo)
I came from the same damn street as the pimp is
I’m raised by them junkies, we sleep with them bitches
Young nigga came from nothin’, he’ll give up his kidney
But Saint Laurent still tryna cease-and-desist it, woo
Niggas say, “How do you keep up with millions?” My nigga, I’m straight out the trenches, woo
Niggas say let go they bitches, we treatin’ them right and we grantin’ they wishes, woo
I was a capo in my hood way ‘fore a plaque or a mention (Woo)
He can get hit with the ‘stension (Woo)
Shot for the foe, but I missed it (Yeah)

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