Tech N9ne – I Been Thru a Lot f. Stige (download)

Tech N9ne – I Been Thru a Lot f. Stige (download)

Tech N9ne – I Been Thru a Lot f. Stige (download)

Here is Tech N9ne – I Been Thru a Lot (download) f. Stige. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

I know that my energy come off rеally partying free (Really partying free, really partying free)
I been broken not еnough to be sorry and flee (To be sorry and flee, to be sorry and flee)
Even though people think I’m full of folly and glee (Full of folly and glee, full of folly and glee)
I sit in the bathroom and I cry so nobody can see (Nobody can see me)
Recluse ’cause people believe all but less truth
Blessed muse have no excuse
Lying if I said I never thought of a neck noose
I gave the better of me and made the cheddar
I paid whatever but in times I made to sever
I get to say forever, there’s nothing they can treasure
Different [?], people don’t stay together
But that’s life in a nutshell, less light in enough hell
But Tech fights yelling “Fuck fails”
Not the stress type ’cause I’m what sells
Because of the fact I’ve seen on the jetpack
But I wasn’t blessed back in the day how I lived was stuck
Less stacks you can test that I don’t give a fuck

[Chorus: Stige]
I been through a lot (Yeah, yeah), and I made it
No thanks up to God (Thanks up to God)
Niggas hating, ’cause they don’t do a lot (Nah)
I go crazy (Yeah), please don’t babe me (Yeah)
Trust me baby, I been through a lot (Yeah, yeah)
You can’t break me, I will never stop (Never)
Why you hate me? I’m just on my job (On my job)
Oh you don’t rate me (Yeah), think that’ll change me (Yeah)
Must’ve forgot (What?) I been through a lot

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
All the drama that I’ve been through
People living those that I’m kin to
I believe it was written, I don’t come with any trippin’ and I do not pretend to
If it’s me you bring sin to, I’m gonna be the friend who hopefully can cleanse you
If indeed someone ends you, don’t wanna offend the one who comes to avenge you (Yeah!)
It can’t get no tougher, lost blood every time they cut ya (Damn!)
Deep inside [?] really trust ya
So why the fuck am I the one that gotta suffer (Why?)
What did I do wrong? I just supply the home [?]
I ain’t sittin’, waiting by the phone, they think the N9ne is gone, they got the wrong mu’fucka
Living half a century I’ve learned so many lessons (That’s right)
To not be caught in the dark, you gotta ask so many questions (Word up!)
On this label of mine I don’t feel or know any effings
But I know that fear is the thing in life blocking so many blessings

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