Ant Clemons – Appreciation F. 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign (download)

Ant Clemons – Appreciation F. 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign (download)

Ant Clemons – Appreciation F. 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign (download)

Here is Ant Clemons – Appreciation (download) F. 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

On their latest collaboration produced by Sergio Romero, the trio rap about about patronizing and enjoying good, debaucherous times with women. Ty Dolla Sign delivers a verse filled with similar thoughts before 2 Chainz closes things out with a contribution of his own filled with slick-talking bars.

Clemons has been building his brand for the last few years, crafting top quality cuts alongside the likes of Luke James, Jeremih, Camila Cabello, and Beyoncé. He has not confirmed whether his 2021 records are stand-alone cuts or will appear on his forthcoming project. He spoke about the effort during a recent interview with OkayPlayer, saying he will use the album to explore the topic of love.

“A lot of the different stories I’m sharing are common stories that I think that anybody can relate to,” he said about the project, “the stories from the heart, like stories of trying to get over love, stories of trying to find new love.”

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Baby I’m a black rockstar sensation
I like what you’re doing
Baby give me motivation, woah
Shorty make it clap
Yeah, standing ovation
I’m spending my money
Just to show appreciation, woah
Stick on my hip, woah
So intimidating
I don’t post no gun pics
That’s incriminating, woah
Shorty make it clap
Yeah, standing ovation
I’m spending my money
Just to show appreciation

Show show
Show appreciation
Show appreciation
Show appreciation

You can throw them fits (woah)
Ima throw a couple dollars (woah)
Balenci’s ain’t your style (woah)
You look better off in Prada

Rollin up that Mary J you ain’t wit no drama
All of that ass you got it from yo momma
Sit it on top of me if you a rider
Cause I love how you ride it, yea
You need that Vogue front page
Give you that long stroke wave
When I get you backstage

Eat it, beat it, trip
Laid up
Make her, hold my kids
This ain’t, no cap
Pulling up on you
Stay there
Plant a seed
You had my kids
I love you
I take you places
I buy you things
Diamond rings
Rolex’s on both arms
Ice around her neck
Her good hair make her throat warm
I wouldn’t shake your ex boyfriends hand with a broke arm (hell na)
Black leather with the Margielas
Two Rolls Royce umbrellas
I crossed over they tried to call carry
Pop star from a trap star
This shit here authentic

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