Chelsea Cutler – Walking Away (download)

Chelsea Cutler – Walking Away (download)

Chelsea Cutler releases her brand new song entitled “Walking Away.” Now it depends on what many might feel about walking away from situations but on this song, Chelsea ares her heart out.

The singer has also dropped a lyric video to the travk which gives the record more life.


I look at me and I look at you
Like one of us might know what else to do, oh yeah
Oh yeah
‘Cause I let you down when I lost my focus
I tried my best but you didn’t notice, yeah
Oh yeah

And it’s not your fault that we are here
It’s not your fault you want independence
Sometimes two people break when they’re bending, yeah
And it’s not my fault that we are here
It’s not my fault that I love intensely
Sometimes two people can’t make their ends meet

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You’re going home to all of your friends
And I can’t believe that this is the end, oh yeah
Oh yeah
We’re just a ghost of people in love
We can’t build a home out of all the dust, oh yeah
Oh yeah

Stream and download Chelsea Cutler’s song, Walking Away below.


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