Trapboy Freddy – Buss It Open F. Lakeyah (download)

Trapboy Freddy – Buss It Open F. Lakeyah (download)

Trapboy Freddy – Buss It Open F. Lakeyah (download)

Here is Trapboy Freddy – Buss It Open (download) F. Lakeyah. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

Their latest collaboration is a bass-heavy, Houston-influenced banger. Lakeyah, she recently landed on the XXL Freshmen cover so this is major momentum for both emcees.


What’s up, Keisha? (What’s up, Keisha?) What’s up, Neisha? (What’s up, Neisha?)
Nice to meet you (Hey), I heard you was an eater (Ooh)
She go dumb (She go dumb), look at her tongue (Look at her tongue)
You can touch my pants, just don’t touch my gun (Don’t do that)
Lil’ bitch sexy (Lil’ bitch sexy), she think I’m Mexican (Think I’m Mеxican)
She like my necklacе, talkin’ ’bout (Oh, who that? Freddy?)
Throw it back (Throw it back), lay on your back (Lay on your back)
Beat her cat (Cat), if you want a rack (Bands)


He like, “What’s up, Kei?” (What’s up, Kei?)
I’m like, “What’s up, Daddy?” Uh (What’s up, Daddy?)
Told that boy keep talkin’, I’m gon’ wet them VVSs (Yeah, yeah)
I’m like if I throw it back, know this nigga better catch it (Better catch it)
I keep 1942 and bad bitches in my section, they be naked (Ayy)
I’m gon’ pop it, uh (Pop it, pop it, pop it)
I might let you touch it, uh (Touch it, uh)
Just like you be grippin’ on that Glock, boy, I’ma bust it, uh
If we throwin’ ones, that bitch better show me somethin’ (Yeah)
Ride that stick up on my feet just like a pro, boy, you gon’ love it when we fuckin’, I’m gon’

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