Ms Banks – Pull Up F. K-Trap (download)

Ms Banks – Pull Up F. K-Trap (download)

Ms Banks – Pull Up F. K-Trap (download)

Here is Ms Banks – Pull Up (download) F. K-Trap . The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

This is is Ms Banks’ first single of 2021 and it is a banger.


Pull up I came wid da army allah ya n***as dey on me
He wanna feel on my bawdy He wanna eat up da na*ni
I do not fear any body, 1 for the dearly departed
Iont do half hearted Imma finish what I started

Tell me what really made you think that you could f**k with me
Pretty but I can get ugly trust me I be on some f**kery
Ya man thinks imma spice I’m cool and I’m nice is that why u ain’t thinking twice?
B*tch I’m on my job need to check out my cv I ain’t inna the hype

Man I used to live a different life, big trips pluggin’ bits of white
N***as think it’s sweet now I’m on the mic I just like money I ain’t gotta type
No bark but I got bite
Tell me how u n***as sleep at night?
Hating on a b*tch who ain’t never had sh*t but she got her money right

N tell me why dese bitches on my d*ck
Talking bout “big sis” “lil sis” all u fake b*tches make me sick
Cah I heard you been talking sh*t and I know u ain’t on p*ss

Like Fivi’ I got me some Big Drip
I’m in that u can’t afford this I’m gonna be on the Forbes list


Pull up and let sh*t go
Pull up and let sh*t go
Gimme my dough
No we ain’t cool we ain’t bro
Dunno why u moving slow u already know

Pull up and let sh*t go
Pull up and let sh*t go X4

Pull up and let sh*t go, ayy

Pull up let shit go off
Give me something black to throw on
Two hands on the ting I’ll hold on
Come I’ll spray it
Mind who you roll on
Told lil bro don’t step with randoms mind you get told on
Dior let me try that coat on
Name me a strip that I ain’t put snow on
Name me a rollie better
LV no stoney sweater
Get the drop load barreta
Young boy missed told him hold his head up
Bank roll but that’s loads of cheddar
By the rock the the yola better
See me in the dance don’t ask if I got it
You should know me better
I ain’t gotta brag or boast
And if they pay me the bag I’ll go
She just wanna gag and choke
Might get her the bag at most
Feds probably tapped my phone
Cos there not sure if it’s rap or road
Know that it’s real no cap involved
You ain’t done none just cappin loads
Let shawty lock this 50
Now on the gram she a different person
Gave her a check now she in loui different purses
I just get bricks and serve them
Snow from Here but this buj is Turkish
I’m in the booth or flying them birds
Trapper rapper
I’m Working

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