Destiny Rogers – West Like F. Kalan.FrFr. (download)

Destiny Rogers – West Like F. Kalan.FrFr. (download)

Destiny Rogers – West Like F. Kalan.FrFr. (download)

Here is Destiny Rogers – West Like (download) F. Kalan.FrFr.. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

The new single arrives with a music video shot in South Central L.A. the video was heavily inspired by Rogers’ West Coast upbringing in a Mexican household. It begins with what Rogers calls “a typical scene at home,” where her mom and grandma are in the kitchen cooking, questioning her about her plans for the day.

Rogers—who’s rocking a classic West Coast outfit with an oversized jersey, gold hoop earrings, and pressed khakis—reassures her mom she’ll be back in a short while, and then proceeds to hit the neighborhood streets.

“The woman playing my grandma in the video is actual family,” Rogers said about the opening skit, “and we were able to get the legendary Lil Rob to play my uncle which was crazy, because I have so much respect for him.”

Rogers says she is looking forward to the rest of 2021, as she spent last year’s lockdown working on new material and collaborations.

“I can’t wait for those new records to drop,” she said. “I also recently shot a video and print campaign for the biggest brand in the world, which was a dream come true that will be coming out soon. I can’t wait to do live performances again and share with everyone what I’be been working so hard on these past two years.”


Whatchu doin’ on this side
Do you know where you at
Let me give you some advice
Before you get too attached baby
Don’t get caught up in the lights
‘Cause you will never make it back
‘Cause this city, this town
Is so much more than that

Baby do you feel like surfin’ on a wave
(ooh baby)
Now we can freak it from Hollywood up to the Bay
(ooh yeah)

Let me show you what that west like alright
Baby won’t you come and ride with me
I’ll show you what that west like alright
California girls know what I mean
On the Westside

Baby let me show you what my side like (ohh)
Don’t get caught up in the limelight
All this water on my wrist can’t get the time right
I see you in hindsight I see you as my wife
I see you with me in a 6 3
Hair blowing in the breeze
It’s your California dream (yeah)
Tell me something I wanna believe
Tell me that you need me the way I need you on my team
If I see you in the spring I will fall if you leave
Audemars and AP’s
yeah I ball in HD
From the westside with love
Like I’m diamond 13
Got me in real life
Gotta say it for real twice
I’m from Southern California where the weather real nice
And the honeys not nice
You’re in the spotlight
I ain’t even caught a vibe
And if you wanna ride I’ll show you what the west like
(Show you what the west likeeeee…….)

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