White Moth Black Butterfly – The Cost of Dreaming Album (download)

White Moth Black Butterfly – The Cost of Dreaming Album (download)

White Moth Black Butterfly – The Cost of Dreaming Album (download)

Here is White Moth Black Butterfly – The Cost of Dreaming album (download) with Mp3 full zip [320kbps]. The new LP is the latest music effort by the electronic music act.

Self produced, engineered and recorded over three continents in various home studios throughout the Covid 19 lockdowns, The Cost Of Dreaming was written remotely with regular file sharing and meetings online.

This album signals a sonic evolution in the bands’ output while still retaining core elements from previous recordings such as organic string sections and experimental theme linking interludes.

White Moth Black Butterfly are a contemporary pop project with progressive and experimental music at its heart; initially created by Daniel Tompkins as a creative outlet aside from his writing with TesseracT to indulge in his other musical influences ranging from Massive Attack, Enigma, Sigur Ros, David Bowie to Tool, Dredg and Thrice.

White Moth Black Butterfly features a team of songwriters & producers based worldwide, all at the height of their own scenes. Collaborating with Tompkins are New-Delhi based Skyharbor songwriter and producer Keshav Dhar; US based producer and string arranger Randy Slaugh who has previously worked with the likes of Devin Townsend, Architects & Periphery, drummer Mac Christensen and the line up is completed by UK singer & lyricist Jordan Bethany (Turner), all featured on the band’s 2017 album, their first to be released on Kscope – Atone.

“Our new album ‘The Cost of Dreaming’ is something we feel just about every human being on the planet that’s been affected by life changing disruption will relate strongly to. Our nature is to always be planning, dreaming about an ideal future in which we will have ticked various boxes that define our ideal lives, often at the cost of the present. And when control over that future is seized away from us and all we are left with is the present, we realise just how much we took for granted. Life is surely a gift to us all throughout which we experience moments of soaring bliss and happiness, and then in a heartbeat sink into states of great trouble and suffering. Often our struggles can serve as momentous opportunities for growth, but the balance of life can often hold us back from seizing the day. We believe that this album is our greatest achievement – it’s an outpouring of love and a cry for help.”

01. Ether (2:42)
02. Prayer for Rain (3:22)
03. The Dreamer (3:06)
04. Heavy Heart (3:14)
05. Portals (3:31)
06. Use You (2:48)
07. Darker Days (2:58)
08. Sands of Despair (2:34)
09. Under the Stars (2:54)
10. Soma (3:30)
11. Liberate (3:30)
12. Unholy (2:53)
13. Bloom (4:10)
14. Spirits (4:46)

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