Sada Baby – Little While f. Big Sean & Hit-Boy (download)

Sada Baby – Little While f. Big Sean & Hit-Boy (download)

Sada Baby – Little While f. Big Sean & Hit-Boy (download)

Here is Sada Baby – Little While (download) f. Big Sean & Hit-Boy. The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the music acts.

The track is the lead single from Sada Baby’s upcoming debut album, Him Not Them, which is also set to feature collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Bankroll Fresh, Murda Beatz, and Wiz Khalifa.

Sada Baby explained how the song came together. “Hit-Boy gave me my own room in his studio; I brought in my engineer and I knocked out a bunch of songs with his beats,” he said. “When I did the ‘Little While’ record, I was just having fun, the beat was fun. Sean hears it and is like, ‘I wanna get on it.’ He knew this is gonna be a big record.”

“I put a lot of time into it. I’ve been in L.A. for the last two months, just recording and recording and recording. I’m just trying to make sure it’s a real thing,” he told Apple Music. “I just really want to show my range as an artist with the album and I wanted it to sound like just great music.”


Sada Baby
Just dropped a deuce of wok
Bump’d into a bitch that I know from the sandbox
Nah I ain’t now lil baby had an ass now
She look at me “why the fuck is you mad now?”
Bitch, you look way better than you used to
Wanna put you in my videos on Youtube
All of a sudden, she don’t huh nah
All of a sudden, she don’t suck dick
You acting uppity, I don’t fuck with it
I’m up bitch, don’t make me upset
Now you acting ugly, God don’t like that
Some nights I used to feel like God didn’t write back
Praying when I was down, he bring me right back
On the right track, fuck an op baby mama on a nightstand
I ain’t got nan diamond on my right hand
Cause I gotta hit a nigga with the mmm
Cause I gotta hit a nigga with the goddamn
With the Van Dam
With the wham bam
With the scram ma’am
Quick to grab a bitch titties like a mammogram
Quick to look at myself, like I am the man
You niggas acting like Trump, won’t accept defeat
Nigga beat (sounds)
Nigga beat fair square try to say I cheat
Goddamn this a Hit-Boy, play that beat
I get a bitch ignored, dirty feet
45 made by Orbit, dirty teeth
Dirty mouth, clean it out

Verse – Big Sean
Lil bitch ain’t as freaky as she used to be
I would know cuz a hoe went to school with me
Hit a few times still cool with me
Work dick so good she never through with me
My dog dropped out of school and caught a first degree
She play her part with her man but rehearse for me
She gone squirt for me
Look, part-time but that work for me
She gone, let me, hit first night I’m worthy
She want work me, she want hype me up and encourage me
She want a clean dick that ain’t gonna do her dirty
Yeah, already gave you more and I got more to go
Gave your girl a Robinhood portfolio
30k in doge yeah go indulge
Yeah go in those, we ain’t going broke, yeah
I had to level up, put the game on story mode
Niggas just a fake me, they Warrio’s
She asked what I’m tryna do? but you already know
Got her tappin out like morse code
Can’t teach a old dog new tricks
But I can teach an old bitch how to suck dick
Now can’t nobody do it better
Tell me what you tryna do cuz we could do whatever
Break you off, help you with your new endeavors
Niggas just tryna do what I do they could do it never
Yeah let em vibe, let em connect
All of the threats sever they necks gotta protect
Gotta go consume, gotta invest, gotta collect
Foot on they neck can’t catch me or they breath
Lil bitch bad freaky like she used to be
If you and me call same time, she choosin me

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