Baba Ijesha Video finally Released And People Are Unhappy

Baba Ijesha Caught On Camera

Baba Ijesha video finally released. A Nollywood actor caught on camera has finally been released to the general public. Olanrewaju James is currently in police custody has been accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl by popular comedienne, Princess.

Since the news hit the web, Iyabo Ojo has made series of videos to explain her stand on child molestation, rape and abuse of women, adding that she would take on anyone guilty of these crimes regardless of their ties with her.

“Baba Ijesha is a disgrace to the whole Yoruba movie industry. He must be punished. Be it a family member, a friend or a colleague, even my father or mother if they were alive, or even my children, if they are to be caught in this shameful act I will not support them. Baba Ijesha’s mess is our mess because he has dragged us in the mud and I will not cover him up. I don’t support evil and any crime against children and women”, she said.

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It took the intervention of the Commissioner of Police of Lagos, Hakeem Odumosu to calm some nerves after he declared in a press briefing that the offence committed by Baba Ijesha is bailable. The CP further asserted, based on the evidence of the CCTV footage, that there is no proof of defilement. The Lagos State top cop admitted there was a sexual assault of sort but not defilement.

During an Instagram live chat on Thursday night, Princess, alongside her colleague, Iyabo Ojo, said ‘‘I watched Baba Ijesha molest and lick my daughter non-stop for 30 minutes on the CCTV’’.

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Princess also mentioned that Baba Ijesha confessed to committing the crime because he was sexually impotent.

The comedienne made the shocking revelations hours after she and Iyabo stormed State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, where the alleged perpetrator is being held.

She and some of her friends including Iyabo, had gone to Panti following reports that Baba Ijesha was going to be released on bail on Friday.

Baba Ijesha Caught On Camera video below.

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