Rich The Kid – Richard Mille Patek (download)

Rich The Kid – Richard Mille Patek (download)

Rich The Kid – Richard Mille Patek (download)

Here is Rich The Kid – Richard Mille Patek (download). The song released with Mp3 streaming [320kbps]. The new track is the latest record from the rap music star.

The single follows his Lucky 7 EP and is about the fashion trend of wearing a watch on each wrist. RTK makes it clear that he’s only showing love to Richard Mille watches and Patek Philippe timepieces by urging listeners to “put them Cartier (watches) down.” He also alludes to rap being a hobby at this point since he makes more money outside of music.

“Already rich, I don’t even need rapping,” Rich the Kid wrote. “Real estate wrist, my watch a mansion.”

In the video, Rich shows that owning multiple watches won’t break his bank. He and his associates run through a mansion, play golf, and flex the spoils of their successes.

Rich the Kid inked his new deal with Rostrum earlier this month and is hoping to add to his Rich Forever empire.

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“I’m excited to work with Rostrum in this next chapter of life and music,” he said when the deal was announced. “This is a partnership that will be vital to showing artists that they can be independent and still win on a mainstream level. With the help of Benjy, Jae, and the Rostrum team, we will take over the summer and everything after.”


Richard Mille Patek, you don’t want static (No static)
Money on the hеad, I leave ’em dеad automatic (No)
You ain’t ever seen a mill’, all cash in the attic
I don’t want a Rolex, just a Richard Mille Patek (Patek)
Two-fifty a piece for the Richi’ at least (Least)
Made a sextape, I ain’t tryna get leaked (Woo)
Bought a Richard Mille, I was feeling like Meek (Meek)
Had to ride the bus, I had nothing to eat (What?)
Richard Mille, Richard Mille, feeling like I’m Holyfield
Lock a nigga out like he money, take a whole pill
Diamond Patek, but it’s dancing like oh, damn
Richi’ on, dive in the water, oh well (Oh well)
I’m the first young nigga rocking the Richard
That’s a quarter mill’ on my wrist, she dig me (Ya dig)
Diamonds dancin’ on my wrist like [Shiggy?] (Like [Shiggy?])
Big diamonds in the bezel like Biggie (B.I.G.)
Richard Mille Patek, Richard Mille Patek
Half a millie wrist, I ain’t do no cappin’ (No cappin’)
Already rich, I don’t even need rappin’ (Rappin’)
Realest, stay rich, my watch a mission (A mission)
Big old boss, might buy a Phantom (Pyoom)
Big old Glock, I ain’t doin’ no dishes (Pyoom)
Big old house, I’m doing an expansion
Look at my wrist, that’s a Richard Mille mansion (Rich)

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Listen to the full song after the cut.


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